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Our playlists will ease you into the world of classical music. Newcomers will find an inviting introduction with familiar melodies, while experienced listeners can discover masterpieces. Explore at your own pace, deepen your love for classical music, and share the joy with others!

Level 1

This playlist introduces the most recognisable and beloved masterpieces of classical music, perfect for children and newcomers alike.

Level 2

Dive into a world of beautiful melodies and lesser-known gems, expanding your understanding of classical music's depth and variety.

Level 3

Discover the rich complexity of classical music, with a mix of grand masterpieces and rarely-heard works for the discerning listener.

search on spotify and youtube

Unlock a World of Music! 

Did you know that platforms like YouTube and Spotify are treasure troves just waiting for you to unlock? With the right keywords, you can discover an array of music and playlists tailored to every taste and mood for you and your loved ones!

For example: Happy Classical for morning / The best of Bach / Mozart in Jazz Version

Fuzzy socks closeup

Mood & Occasion

Happy, Active, Quiet, Sad, Cozy, Peaceful...

Study, Gym, Breakfast, Sleeping, Road trip, Christmas, Holiday....

Male Performer on Stage


Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Saint-Sanes...

Baroque Architecture


Africa, Italian, Chinese, Cuba, Latin, Japanese...

Performing Ochestra


Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Trumpet, Orchestra, Trio, Duet, Concerto...

Music Sheets


Classical, Folk, Jazz, Musical, Opera, Romantic, Impressionist, New age, Tango,...

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Now, armed with these inspiring themes and keywords, dive into Spotify and YouTube. Start your personalized musical adventure today!

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