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1 Hour A Day

Integrate Music Listening

to Transform Music Education

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Dear Esteemed Music Educators,

In the heart of our musical journey lies a simple yet transformative practice: Listening to Music.


Unfortunately, while we all acknowledge its importance, it's often treated as just an occasional recommendation by teachers. This may be because we assume students listen to music in their daily lives, or perhaps because there isn't enough time during costly private lessons, which last only 30-60 minutes. Despite our dedicated efforts in teaching young learners to master musical instruments, a foundational piece is missing. This oversight becomes starkly evident when we confront the numerous problems stemming from students’ disengagement with music outside the classroom.

  • More than half of students who pass Grade 8 attend fewer than 2 classical concerts annually, know less than 5 composers, and do not regularly engage with classical music.

  • 90% of young instrument learners, especially those between ages 5–10, do not regularly listen to music due to lack of personal devices and a non-musical home environment.

  • Many students struggle to connect with music beyond nursery rhymes and popular tunes like "Let it Go" and "Baby Shark".

  • Several students, even up to intermediate level, struggle with rhythm and cannot identify beats while singing melodies.


The result? Musical performances that remain technically proficient but lack depth in emotional expression, tone variation, and overall musicality. Many students have no clear musical preferences or passions and rely solely on their teachers to select pieces for them, focusing mainly on passing exams. Additionally, some students end up quitting their musical studies altogether, finding it too challenging rhythmically or because this lack of daily, intentional music exposure creates a gap in understanding, feeling the beats, and truly connecting with the music.

Why is 1 Hour a Day so crucial? As conductor Gustavo Dudamel reminds us, "The true essence of music lies in its ability to evoke emotions and tell a story." Consider the natural musicianship found in cultures where daily life is steeped in rhythm, dance, and song. These communities understand something we’ve begun to overlook: music is as much about listening as it is about playing.

Let us, therefore, embed the 1 Hour a Day initiative into the core of our teaching philosophy. Let’s make it as fundamental as any scale or etude. By doing so, we will ignite their love and understanding of music, transforming their musical journey into a richer and more fulfilling experience.

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"I am hoping that the venture to listen for an hour a day, as well as play, makes a significant difference to the lives of young people and their parents. It is when a family is immersed in music that real progress is made with children – and as we know – musical practice and listening has a strong effect beyond the music lesson and into the centre of all communication and sciences."

–Dr. Anna Reid, Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

"At Simply for Strings, we passionately believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore the beautiful world of music. Music is a universal language that has the power to transform lives. That’s why we are delighted to support Concerts for All and their wonderful '1 Hour A Day' of music listening campaign..." 

Music education is important for many reasons. It fosters creativity, supports cognitive development, relieves stress, boosts confidence, fosters connection and brings joy. The team at Concerts for All is making these benefits accessible to children everywhere with a wealth of fantastic online resources for teachers, parents, and students. We recognise the tremendous value of these resources in fostering a musical environment at home to establish a lifelong love of music.


Simply for Strings echoes Concerts for All's message: integrating music into daily life is crucial. The '1 Hour A Day' campaign is an inspiring initiative that encourages families to make music a regular part of their routine, enriching children's lives in countless ways.

Simply for Strings is proud to support this campaign, standing alongside Concerts for All in our shared mission to make music education accessible to all. Let’s create a future where every child has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of music.

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Why is it Essential?

How Do We Change This?


Educate & Spread the Word

  • ​Educate Students & Parents

    • Why is listening to music for 1 hour a day necessary? 

    • How does music listening improve learning?

    • "1 hour a day sounds a lot, we are very busy." Offer to integrate a listening plan into daily routine.

  • Spread the word

    • Share the 1 Hour a Day campaign on online platforms like social media, website, and mailing lists.​

    • Actively share your thoughts on the importance of regular music listening.


Integrate Listening Tasks in Lessons

  • Allocate 3 minutes each lesson to discuss the music students have listened to over the week, including any concerts they have attended. 

  • Assign students to listen to specific pieces or versions of music. In the following week, focus the discussion on analysing aspects like instrumentation, mood changes, and the layering of musical elements.


Provide Support


"We don't know what to listen to, or which concert to go to."

  • Discovery Tips on Spotify and YouTube

  • Music-Themed Entertainment videos

As the esteemed Benjamin Zander proclaims, "Everybody loves classical music, they just haven't found out about it yet." Let's guide them on this voyage of discovery! As we move forward, let’s champion the 1 Hour a Day campaign in our classrooms, studios, and communications with parents and communities.


Together, we can change this unhealthy way of learning and nurture a generation that not only plays music but lives it—1 Hour a Day, every day.



Concerts for All

Under the Music Development Association Inc. (INC2400330)

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