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We are dedicated to opening the world of classical music to everyone, offering an inviting first step for children and classical newcomers.


Classical, Salsa and Improvisations

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Who We Are

Concerts for All, under the Music Development Association Inc. (INC2400330), is a not-for-profit organisation founded by music educators, dedicated to bringing classical music closer to children and families. 

Through our carefully curated Gateway Classical Concerts, comprehensive music appreciation resources, and enriching programs, Concerts for All strives to make classical music accessible and enjoyable for everyone, bridging the current gap in music education—focused on music listening!

Whether you’re exploring classical music for the first time, looking for musical adventures for your children or aiming to enhance your instrumental skills with a richer listening experience, our mission is to spark and nurture a deep appreciation for classical music so that more will be encouraged to attend classical music concerts, learn instruments, and express themselves with profound musicality from a young age. 

Gateway Classical Concerts

Concerts We Organise

Gateway Classical Concerts

  • Diverse and Pleasant Programs

  • Short Pieces (2-8 mins.) and Family-friendly

  • Inspiring, Educational and Affordable​

Community Concert Performers - 19 May, Australian Piano Warehouse


Our donation-based regular concerts feature Sydney's outstanding emerging classical musicians in accessible spaces and community venues we partner with. The concert will also be livestreamed. 

These allow young artists to regularly perform for a broader audience and for music educators to promote themselves and their respective institutions.


Monday, 22 July 2024

Mosman Art Gallery

Setup of Concerts for All's Classical Pop-Up at Pitt St


Concerts for All Classical Pop-up offers an interactive musical experience in public spaces such as the QVB and Pitt Street—taking classical music to the general public.

Our goal is to encourage all to further explore music, whether by attending more concerts or learning to play an instrument themselves.

The Sydney Opera House


Concerts for All brings the joy of classical music to children, families, and music lovers of all ages in renowned venues. 

Featuring iconic pieces, short selections ideal for young listeners, and fun interactive quizzes to spark a lifelong love of music.

Saturday, 3 August 2024
Playhouse, Sydney Opera House

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Concerts We Recommend

  • Listen to the music before you go! Each piece from the program has a linked YouTube video for previewing.

  • Enjoy handpicked fantastic concerts! We curate concerts that are enjoyable, educational, and affordable.

  • Know the age and understanding level for each concert. Concerts are classified for suitability to help you choose.

  • Access extra resources to enhance your concert experience. Explore videos to understand the pieces better before attending.

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1 Hour a Day


1 Hour A Day

Integrate Music Listening

to Transform Music Education

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Free Resources

Free Resources

Enjoy these free music appreciation resources for teachers, students, children and classical newcomers—for all. Includes playlists, age-appropriate learning tools and music appreciation exercises.

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Classical Playlists

Intro to Classical Music

Ready to dive into classical music?
Our leveled playlists make it easy.

Start with Level 1 for beloved classics that are perfect for newcomers. If you're ready for more, Level 2 offers a deeper dive. For the true enthusiast, Level 3 provides an exploration of bigger works and lesser-known masterpieces.

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Music Comedies & Music Cartoons

Instead of watching Peppa Pig, why not let your children explore these music-themed cartoons and learn about music in a fun way?

Including famous composers' bios, composition structures, instrumentations, classical ballets and compositions, and more, all in animations!

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Music Appreciation Exercises

Aural and General Knowledge

Explore our video playlists filled with captivating performances and insightful commentary. These come with downloadable guide questions to promote deeper engagement with the music. This approach not only caters to different learning styles but also encourages critical thinking and a more nuanced appreciation of classical music, making it a valuable educational tool for both students and educators.


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